When You Go Through Deep Waters Episode 34

What does the bible tell us about going through deep waters? And can we apply the principles from this bible verse to our lives today especially in the midst of this global pandemic?

In today’s podcast episode, I dive deep into the verse from Isaiah 43 which speaks about God’s promise for the people of Israel as they went through deep waters. I also discuss the Israelites’ experience in Babylon along with the experience of many of us as we live through this COVID 19 pandemic. 

If you’re struggling to hold on to God or hope during this type of crisis then I pray this episode offers encouragement and advice.



When You Go Through Deep Waters


Things I talked about in this episode:

  • What it means for us to walk through deep waters. 
  • Isaiah 43 verse 2 and how it applies to us as we experience the COVID 19 pandemic.  
  • The faithfulness of God and His desire to keep the promises He made to the people of Israel in spite of their disobedience. 
  • The realities of COVID 19 and the effects it has had on our lives as we know it. 
  • Examples of God’s provision and protection from the Bible and what those stories should tell us. 
  • The positives that have come because of this global pandemic. 
  • How we as Christians should approach this pandemic and how to handle any crisis moving forward.


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