What To Do When Wrestling With Doubt And Disbelief As A Christian Episode 38

Doubt. A word that so many of us as Christians battle with on a sometimes daily basis, but are too afraid to talk about. But why are Christians afraid of doubt? And why is it so hard to admit that sometimes asking the hard questions about our faith is exactly how we overcome it?

In today’s podcast episode, I talk about my journey as I have struggled with and overcome doubt and disbelief as a Christian. I offer insight and help for those who are doubting Christians and some fantastic resources that have helped me to not only build my faith but to disarm doubt when it rears its uncomfortable head.

This episode of the podcast has some powerful lessons for the Christian woman who fear that their faith might be failing and need some help.


Wrestling With Doubt And Disbelief As A Christian


Things I talked about in this episode:

  • Why Christians are afraid to admit that they struggle with doubt and disbelief.
  • Why so many Christians wrestle with doubt and disbelief in silence.
  • How to have faith and belief when you can’t see physical proof of that faith.
  • How I learned to see the good and the God in the midst of my divorce. 
  • How doubt and disbelief led me to join the New Age Movement. 
  • Practical things to do when you do struggle with doubt in your Christian walk. 
  • The number one reason you might be feeling tested in your faith and what you can do about it.


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