The One Habit That Will Help You Create Your Very Own Million-Dollar Life Episode 19

Are you ready to create your very own multi-million dollar life? Have you tried to make changes to your life before but just couldn’t keep up?

Well, this episode of She Is A Mess will make you transform the way you see, think about and act in your very own life if you just develop this one habit.

Join me as I interview multi-millionaire Stay At Home wife and Coach Kat McLead as she shares her journey from severe neglect and abuse to stripper to millionaire. This episode is one you just have to listen to more than once!



The One Habit That Will Help You Create Your Very Own Million-Dollar Life


Things we talked about in this episode:

  • The effects of growing up in an abusive and neglectful environment
  • How childhood abused affects the images we have of ourselves as children into adulthood
  • Lessons learned from Kat’s experience dating an older man at 17 years old
  • Advice Kat would give to her younger self to help her go through life
  • Life as a stripper and how it taught her confidence and financial independence
  • How building a six-figure business led to shame, lies and a double-life
  • The best advice Kat can give to help you create the kind of life and future that you want


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Remember, even though we’re all a total mess in one way or another, in that heart of yours lies a powerful message and the world needs to hear it!


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