Powerful Ways To Overcome Lust And The Lies You’ve Been Told Episode 32

How do we battle lust as Christians? And why is it so important to fight for a lust-free mind?

In today’s episode, I answer those very questions. I also want to highlight the issues that many of us as Christian women struggle with including lust and give you some key ways to overcome lust and the lies you’ve been told so you can live a powerful life, free of the bondage of sexual sin. 



Powerful Ways To Overcome Lust And The Lies You’ve Been Told


Things we talked about in this episode:

  • What lust is and why is lust a sin
  • The problem with lust and why so many of us lust without knowing it
  • Advice for Christian women (and men) struggling with lust
  • What the Bible has to say about lust and sexuality
  • Powerful ways that media and entertainment negatively impacts us as Christians
  • My personal struggle with lust and how I learned to overcome this struggle
  • How to glorify God with your body and spirit and the importance of doing so


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