How To Find Strength In Your Flaws & Courage While Living With Dyslexia Episode 16

Is it possible to find strength in your flaws and courage while living with dyslexia? Short answer: Yes. Long answer: You absolutely can. 

⁣⁣In this episode, we’re talking about the dreaded “D” letter word and I do mean DYSLEXIA! Hear the incredible journey that Angelica Goncalves has been on as she tries to find strength in her own flaws and insecurities while finding courage as she lives with dyslexia.

Learn how you too can overcome the challenges that life has thrown your way and how a seemingly huge insecurity or flaw can become your very own superpower. Full of great words of advice and quotes to live by, this episode is one you’re definitely not going to want to miss.


How To Find Strength In Your Flaws & Courage While Living With Dyslexia


Things we talked about in this episode:

  • Angelica’s childhood and how she discovered that she had dyslexia
  • The struggles that many children with dyslexia often experience in school
  • The stigma surrounding special education in schools and the wider community
  • How Angelica has managed to turn her learning disability into a brand new way of learning
  • The kinds of strategies Angelica uses to incorporate her way of learning into her job
  • Angelica’s hopes and dreams for herself and other people who have learning disabilities


Connect with Angelica on her social media:

Instagram: @alittlebitofeverythingwithme

Podcast: A Little Bit Of Everything With Me


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