Building Resilience And Why Teaching Kids About Mental Health Matters Episode 22

What would you do if you grew up in Pleasantville? A world where, on the outside, everything seemed perfect, but secrets, hardship and lies lived beneath the surface?? You’d probably end up with a host of self-esteem and mental health issues. And that’s exactly what happened to Lindsay. 

In today’s episode, Dr Lindsay Weisner, Clinical Psychologist and host of the podcast Neurotic Nourishment opens up about her struggles growing up with a mentally ill mom, the trials she’s had to face as an adult that taught her the true meaning of building resilience AND how her entire journey led her to write her very first book! 

She’s definitely had some bad things happen but in this episode, she shows us exactly why it’s our job to find a way to keep going and keep thriving regardless of your situation.



Building Resilience And Why Teaching Kids About Mental Health Matters


Things we talked about in this episode:

  • Growing up in a “seemingly perfect home” and Lindsay’s childhood in the suburbs
  • Coming to terms with her childhood insecurities along with being diagnosed with ADHD
  • How the relationships with her parents uniquely impacted her relationships with other women
  • Lessons she’s learned about the value of having supportive women in her friend group
  • Overcoming the fear of putting herself out there online and in real life
  • Managing grief and rebuilding her life after “the year her world stood still”
  • The work she does to help raise mental health awareness and how her new book will help the cause


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