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I’m Daeyna (Dee) Jackson and welcome to She Is A Mess.

She Is A Mess started as a podcast in 2019. My goal with starting this project is to highlight the stories of 10,000 women all over the world and create an amazing list of young girls and women who are creating amazing lives for themselves one decision, and one day at a time, regardless of heir past.

In sharing my own stories and sharing the stories of these women, my hope is to inspire and to show that you are never too far-gone, too messy, too damaged, too sick, too poor, too broken, too ANYTHING to create an “IMPIRE” (impactful empire).

The stories, interviews and lessons I have been exposed to while doing the She Is A Mess podcast has made me think. They have made me cry. And many of these stories will forever change my life and I pray they’ll help change your life as well.


She Is A Mess Podcast About Me


If I can reach even one woman and let her know that she is not alone then I consider that a job well done. If through sharing my own mistakes and my own journey, I can give even one woman hope, then that’s fine with me.

I also feature women who are still experiencing the mess because I believe that even while you’re in it, even though your life might not be as perfect as you’d like it to be, you can still help other women who might be a step or two behind you.

So I welcome you to join the mess, join me on this journey, and as we walk together, to discover the message hidden somewhere along the way.

Because even though we’re all a total mess in one way or another, in that heart of yours lies a powerful message, and the world needs to hear it.


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